Footwear can have some strange effects on your behavior. This is something that not all of us notice, but we feel affected in different ways depending on the type of shoes we wear. A perfect example is when you buy a new pair of shoes. You tend to be in a better mood overall, even walking in a slightly different way in order to show off your new footwear. SolePro-4-1.jpg The obvious reason why certain kinds of shoes tend to put us in a better mood is a physical one: some of them are simply more comfortable than others. If your feet are cramped in a pair of tight shoes that do not fit just right, it is easy to see why you would be in a bad mood. However, things are exactly the opposite when you are wearing a nice, comfy pair of fit flops, or slippers, or tennis shoes, or whatever your preference might be. If it feels good then you manage to keep your feet happy and when your feet are happy, you tend to be happy also. 
Another reason would be appearance i.e. wearing something that you like. We all have our own styles and tastes when it comes to shoes so, obviously, if you are wearing footwear that you like the look of, you will feel better. This might seem like an invalid point since we should all be wearing footwear that we like at all times since, in most cases, we get to pick what we wear and how we dress, but there are many of us that choose uncomfortable shoes we don’t like for the sake of fashion. SolePro-4-3.jpg When you find a pair of shoes that has the perfect combination of comfort and great looks, that is when you will find yourself in a truly great mood. There is no better place for this than, where you will find a varied collection featuring footwear to match all tastes. 

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